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10 Best Sun Hats for Girls


Sun’s ray can be very harmful

Sun protection chart

The sun’s ray can be very harmful especially for young girls with sensitive skins making it crucial for parents to ensure their children are protected because it can cause them some harm. Parents always want their little girls to look fabulous and they do so by getting them some very good pieces of clothes however, giving them protective baby girl hats which shield from sunlight is equally as important come warm as well as cold weather. Finding good quality girls sun hats is very tricky as well as confusing because options are many out there online and the market. An article such as this one will highlight 10 girls sun headwear that every parent must buy and this list is full of very comfortable, stylist and affordable hats.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV rays)

This article has promised to look at the best sun hats for girls however, understanding what Ultraviolet radiation actually is, is equally as important and this is radiation that comes from sunlight as well as other sources like Solariums. Ultraviolet radiation causes damage to the skin, sun burn, cancer, ageing and damage to the eyes. The eyes vital organs and when they are exposed to too much sunlight, a child can go blind if parents do not take the appropriate measures to protect them. A type of cancer called Melanoma can be developed if a child is exposed to the sun’s ray too much. Despite the health risks like Skin cancer, there is some bit positive news. For parents who want their child to have some vitamin D, sunlight will give them that and it can help also improve a person’s mood. Experts have always said “it’s better to be safe than sorry”, the rays from the sun have to be taken serious because it can damage the body especially with young children. They are much more vulnerable than adults and need sun hats to protect them.

Basics of hats everyone needs to know

People across the world know full well that when we are exposed to the sun too much it can cause hair as well as skin damage which can sometimes be irreparable. Over the years, the earth’s ozone layer, a screen which is suppose to protect us from the sun’s harmful UV ray has been thinning  due to large amount of harmful gases being omitted by people across the world. These gases come mainly from vehicles as people want to get from A to B very quickly in their own cars even if the destination is not very far rather than use public transport, walk there or by bike. Factories as well especially in developed countries like China, USA, UK , Canada also play a role in causing damage the Ozone layer that is suppose to protect us and our children because they mass produce their products so that they can make profits. The market is very competitive and it is that competitive nature that makes companies not care as much about the ozone layer with many dismissing it as a myth but the factor of the matter is harmful gasses in the atmosphere are to blame for the soaring temperatures we are experiencing. Anyone with children who enjoy playing outside and doesn’t want them to be harmed by the sun needs to invest in some very good outdoors hats for them to wear in the sun. These sun hats are designed to shield young girls against the harmful ray from the sun. Basically, the hat’s objective is to let children enjoy without having to worry about being harmed from the sun.

The benefits a sun hat brings

As pointed out before the market is full of different kids sun hats and accessories one can pick from for their young girls easily to ensure they are safe but a very special and unique hat is the best line of defence against the sun’s rays because of the wide brim which can be as much as 7 inches. Buying a very nice baby girl or baby boy sun hat that has a 7 inch brim can bring a whole host of benefits. The first being, the sun hat does offer your child plenty of shade which keeps them cool while they walk around in the sun. Buying a hat like that means you can leave the umbrella at home because the hat on its own will offer enough protection from the sun there no need to bring anything extra.

When a young girl is wearing a good quality hat, they can use less sun screen on their face. Parents are guilty of or like to splash their young girls with a lot of sun screen to protect them on their faces, necks and shoulders however that is not necessary when they are wearing a wide brimmed sun hat. Too much sun screen can be very bad for the body too and having a good hat allows for moderates amounts to be applied which can benefit the skin.

The second benefit of purchasing kids sun hats is they reduce the risk of having a heat stroke because they provide sufficient shade for the wearer. When the body is receiving enough shade in very hot condition it will remain cool for the majority of the day and sun hats stop the body from overheating which can cause disorientation, fatigue and worst case scenario dizziness.

heat stroke sympotms

The last benefit of purchasing a sun cap is it is looked at as a very stylish accessory. If anyone want their young girl to look stunning and gorgeous while they are walking down the beach then a beautiful sun hat will do the trick because it can be bought in so many shapes, designs and colours which. If one looks hard enough, they can easily find a sun hat that suits the personality of their young girl perfectly. Question now is where can one find the perfect sun hats for girl? Sun hats can be found online especially places like Amazon and eBay. If online retailers do not have the sun hats you are looking for, popping into your nearest boutique shop or major chain store is also a wonderful alternative when it comes to picking a sun hat to keep your young girl protected.

10 best hats for girls – Reviews

1. Kids large brim flower beach sun hat

Large brim straw hat for kidsThis hat is made out of straw which is a very breathable and light material great for the summer heat because it allows air to flow properly and heat to escape. Straws that these hats are made are very tight and tick making it difficult for anyone to see through it. Hats like this are very friendly on the skin and very comfortable. These are qualities which one has to prioritise when choosing a sun hat. This is one of the cutest sun hats money can buy in the market because it has a beautiful design, bright colour and has a big flower. The hat has an elastic chin band which helps hold it in place on a windy morning or afternoon. Best part of this wonderful hat is the bad. It keeps the hat in place and it stops the straw from rubbing against a child’s skin.

Girls need this wonderful hat because it offers hair protection, face as well as their eyes and the best bit is it keeps them cool on a bright sunny day. Apart from offering protection, this hat is very attractive and very fun to wear. Girls with breads or super styled hair can wear this hat with confidence knowing it will not mess their hair up and it is very fashionable. Girls who love activities like swimming and any other beach activities will absolutely love this hat and it can match with different swim suits. This headwear can also be worn to school and for those who want to take good pictures; holidays and weddings are also a good occasion for a child to wear this hat.

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2. Hat with heart and chin strap for baby girls

Little Me Sun Hat with Heart and Chin Strap For Baby Girls Solid White or PinkThis is good girl’s hat because it comes in pink or white and has a very beautiful heart in the front of it. The chin strap on this hat makes it very easy to stay secure and fit better on your girl’s head. Sun protection is crucial especially when it comes to infants and this product ticks all the boxes as far as protection is concerned because of its very wide brim that is able to reach places where parents are not able to apply sun screen. Places where parents often forget to apply sun screen include the top of their child’s ear and the back area near the neck. This product protects those areas if sun screen has not applied. When an infant is wearing this hat, their face will be protected better than using sun screen because their eyes will be shielded and stops them from squinting due to the sun’s ray. Keeping your infant cool is what this product will do perfectly and any parent will be happy to know that buying this is a very good investment.

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3. Bucket Hat with pineapple pattern 

girls head wear pineapple pattern wide rim flat topThis awesome product is made from cotton of very high quality and it has set a new bar when it comes to comfort and softness. This is by far the most comfortable and softest hat you can ever buy for an infant child and the circumference of it is so wide that it covers their back, face and neck. The design of this hat is out of this world and it is very appealing or pleasing on the eye which is what many parents want when they buy a hat for their young one. This hat protects them from the sun’s UV rays and it can be folded with ease. A hat that can be easily folded can be easily carried around in a back pack or a purse. The best feature of this hat is it can easily be irons to recover any lost shape after it was folded. A hat like this one is must purchase for any parent who is looking for a charming, attractive as well as cleverly designed product for their infant during the summer holidays.

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4. Billabong girl’s Bali Bear trucker sun hat

billabong girl bali trucker capBillabong as a brand is well known brand that has been around since 1970. It was started by two men who were selling shorts by hand and as the years went on, the company and the brand grew in popularity. They capitalised on the popularity by selling bikinis, t-shirts, bags, hoodies and of course sun hats. The Billabong Girl’s Bali Bear Trucker hat is a very high quality hat which is designed to last long and withstand the heat on a hot day. Billabong is very trusted brand and is known all over the world which makes this hat value for money. There is no denying the quality of this hat and it is made out of 45% cotton and 55% Polyester. It comes with an adjustable back and can be hand washed with ease plus it will not fade.

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5. SunBusters reversible bucket hat UPF 50+

reversible bucket hatSunBusters Girls UPF 50+ Sun Protective Reversible Bucket Hat comes in a variety of fun colours and styles. This hat gives girls extra protection because it comes with 50+ sun protection fabrics which help prevent overheating. This is because it blocked 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Buying this hat is a wise choice because it enables you to save money on buying sun screen chemicals. This product is made of 20% Spandex, 100% and 80% Taslan which are some great fabrics. These are the same fabrics found on swim wear meaning that girls can wear this sun hat while they swim too. When this sun hat gets wet, one does not need to worry because it lightweight enables it to dry quicker.

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6. Safari sun hat for girls

Kids Safari Sun HatIf anyone is looking for cuteness, it does not get any cuter than this sun hat. This is one of the best hats on the market for every child between the ages of 3 – 10, because it is known to block 99% of the sun’s UV rays and it has lovely pink flowers to add style to it. The reason why the pink flowers add style to this hat is because they light up when the sun’s ray hits them. This hat is made out of an ultra protective micro-fibre and this means the hat is very light when it comes to weight. This sun hat comes with a bungee to adjust its circumference and its brim offers some of the best protection of any hat on this list.

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7. Girls summer straw sun hat

girls summer straw sun hatThe Simplikids Girls’ Summer Straw Sun Hat is definitely a must have accessory and it can colour coordinate very well with your infants favourite outfit or sun dress. This very adorable straw sun hat is made from 100% straw and has a wavy brim. It makes a perfect gift for your infant child because it is a hat for many occasions like a holiday, everyday wear, poolside or most importantly a trip to the beach. This hat can also be worn during the autumn, spring and summer season without looking out of place because it has a stylish hat hand, lightweight and breathable. Overall this hat will block the sun’s ray from your infants face and ensure they do not overheat when the weather gets really hot especially around midday in the summer.

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8. Toddler little girls summer cool sun hat

Toddler little girls summer cool sun hatThe CHUNG Toddler Little Girls Summer Cool Sun Hat for age 3-7 years is another great addition to this list of sun hats because it is simply adorable. This product is made out of Polyester and has a cute cat design. It will protect your child from skin damage as it is 50+ UPF certified. Skin rashes will be a thing of the past if you choose to buy this sun hat for your child. The chin strap which comes with this sun hat makes it easy to adjust and keep it secure when your child is run around either at home, on holiday somewhere or at the beach. In other words, it is a sun hat for all occasions. Lastly this sun hat has a very wide brim which completely protects your child’s face as it is one of the main parts of the body that is affected the most by the sun’s ray.

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9. Flexfit trucker mesh cap

Flexfit Trucker Mesh CapNo one out there makes comfortable sun hats for girls like Flexfit and the designs of their products features some of the best technology around because it is known to integrate polyurethane spandex into the cap’s sweatband. This makes the cap very comfortable to wear as well as very secure. The Flexfit Trucker Mesh Cap is an excellent combination of Flexfit fitment and trucker hat style. These caps have a made out of 2% spandex, 55% polyester and 43% cotton plus they have a mesh on the back and side. Any parent looking for the best in breathability, style and comfort for their little one, the 6511 Flexfit Trucker Mesh cap is the ideal sun hat to go for.

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10. Roxy girls trucker hat

Roxy Girls Trucker HatRoxy hats are some of the most popular hats come summer time and the Roxy Girls 7-14 Just Ok Trucker Hat Ergha03039 is no different. If you make your mind up and decide that this is the sun hat you are getting for your little girl, it is best to act fast because if you take too long to purchase this sun hat, you will realise most online retailers and boutiques are out of stock. They sell out very quickly, but thankfully many online retailers like Amazon have plenty of them in stock. With a mixer of prints and style you care never short on choice when you picking Roxy hats just like this one. This sun hat deserves its place on this list because it is breathable, has an adjustable back closure and has mesh back panels. Overall the Roxy Girls 7-14 years Just Ok Trucker Hat is good for water activities and the great outdoors. Since it is very comfortable, parents can expect their child to enjoy wearing this hat on their head because of the ROXY cotton patch and Trucker style.

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Any parent who cares for their little girl and wants them to be protected while they are out will always pick the best kids sun hats on the market and these 10 are certainly the must have summer hats for girls. A typical sun headwear that is bought on the market or even online will be very well made to protect the person who wears it because it has a brim that is wide which covers the face, neck and shoulder. Majority of sun hats that are found out there are made out of cotton, a very tough fabric and straw. Many sun hats have a top that is round in shape and a very protective interior lining which helps shield a person’s skull from the sun’s heat. Overall when buying sun hats for girls, one has to make sure that they fit perfectly in order to provide them with the protection they need. The brim has to be stiff enough so that it provides protection for a very long time and lastly the top of the sun hat has to be breathable. This is especially important because it prevents the head from overheating. When this happens, a person can easily pass out which is never a good thing.


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