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How to choose Hat Scarf

Hat scarf

shaped scarf hat for women

Modern fashion is multifaceted and diverse. Beautiful, stylish and unusual looking hat-scarves, which have become indispensable attributes of the unsurpassed image of the modern fashionista in the cold season. Hat-scarf appeared in the 80-ies of the last century.

beautiful shaped scarf hat for women best shaped scarf hat for women

Today, designers present updated versions, which are made of different materials, differ in color solutions and cuts.

light grey scarf hat for women different cuts grey scarf

What is the name of the hat and scarf in one?

A hat and a scarf – two in one. Such an accessory today is called differently – a scarf on the head, a pipe, a collar, balyk, etc. Many use for such an unusual headdress the name snud.

two in one scarf and hat with jacket two in one scarf and hat

The main feature of this product is that it can be used as a scarf or hat. It combines a hood, scarf and hat. In shape, this accessory is very similar to a pipe, so people call it that. Simple design and spectacular appearance are the main advantages of this accessory.

pink two in one scarf and hat two in scarf hat with matching gloves

Hat-scarf is ideal for girls who lead an active lifestyle. This headpiece will give warmth and comfort in any weather. It will add an image of elegance and brightness.

Fashionable models

The hat scarf is often found in the winter wardrobe of a modern girl, who follows the latest trends in fashion development. Designers offer this accessory in different styles and colors.

scarf hat 2 in 1 ideal for girls who lead an active lifestyle cute two in one scarf hat ideal for girls who lead an active lifestyle

Among the huge variety of models and styles, every fashionista will be able to find a unique thing, that will allow her to show her individuality, add an image of a raisin and stylishness. Models have different length and width, which makes it possible to play this accessory differently each time.

funny animal shaped scarf hat

Scarf hats for children

Manufacturers also took care of children, offering warm, stylish and comfortable models of a scarf for children. The functionality of the headgear is very important, because the child must easily wear it and remove it. Interesting models are simply mesmerizing. A hat-scarf, decorated with spirals on the head, is lovely and irresistibly looking. The hat looks interesting in the form of a funny little animal.

cute animal shape scarf hat blue color stylish scarf hat for kids


The hat-tube looks original, charming and beautiful. It can be worn as a scarf or a hat. It is ideal for the embodiment of an image in a sporting or classical style. The variety of styles are so diverse that every woman, regardless of age, will be able to choose an interesting option.

purple color big scarf plus hat

Sports scarf-hat

The sports scarf-hat has no additional decor and differs in density, shallowness. Manufacturers offer stylish models in different colors – red, blue, black. This version of the hat-scarf is ideal for autumn and winter.

turqioise color scarf cap sports scarf cap

Everyday scarf-hat

For everyday style, a great solution will be a model decorated with fashionable embroidery. It will give an image of charm and originality. Remember that the hair should be hidden under the headdress, otherwise the bow will look sloppy.

fashionable embroided scarf hat

Feminine images can not be imagined without a pattern with a delicate trim. This style looks romantic and modest. This headpiece harmoniously combines with knitted things.

delicate trim scarf hat

Clamp or snug is a practical, versatile and original element of the women’s wardrobe. This style combines the features of a hood and a scarf. Snud knits itself in a circle, creating a vicious circle. It has no beginning and no end. It is also customary to call it the scarf of infinity or a circular scarf.

versatile scarf hat

Knitted hat-scarf

A knitted hat-scarf is a good option for a cold season. It can be connected from wool, boucle, cashmere or mohair. The choice is individual. Knitted snod can be worn not only as a hat, it can act as a bolero or waistcoat. This element of the wardrobe will be a nice addition in the cold season for any girl.

knitted cap scarf


Scarf-hood is a stylish element of clothing, which is preferred by young girls. He has a hood that protects from any weather, smoothly turning itself into a scarf. The hood can be removed at any time. Such a convenient design attracts the attention of girls practicality and unusualness. Often such models are decorated with original patterns, braids and brushes.

scarf hood stylish scarf clothing

Hat-scarf cap is another popular species. The peculiarity of the model is that a long hood hat is used as a scarf. Today in the trend are plain and colorful models. Often there are hats-scarves caps with stripes. For example, the model looks charming and spectacular in a yellow-black horizontal strip.

striped hat scarf cap

A set of scarf-hat with mittens looks stylish and harmonious. All components are presented in a single color solution and texture, so they give an image of charm and beauty.

set of scarf-cap with mittens looks stylish and harmonious

Hat scarf tranformer 3 in 1

For fans of outdoor activities in the cold season ideal is the hat-scarf transformer 3 in 1. It is made of warm fleece and reliably protects against wind and snow. Thanks to the special design, the scarf is easily transformed into a double hat and a voluminous scarf.

hat scarf best for outdoor cold activities


A special place among the hats-scarves is occupied by fur models. They look exquisite, elegant and stylish. For the embodiment of the evening image, a white-colored model is ideal. Fur hat-scarf is very soft to the touch, and also excellently warms and protects from wind and snow.

fur hat scarves

A fur hat-scarf with ears deserves special attention. Such a headdress will definitely become the highlight of your irresistible look and will not leave anyone indifferent. Designers even took care of the comfort of the hands and gave a special place for them.

fur hat scarf with ears

A feminine and expensive headdress is a mink hat. It looks elegant and great for stylish ladies.

The scarf-cap is often made of fleece, which is represented by a dense, lightweight fabric. It is characterized by softness, fluffiness, hairiness and is very warm and unpretentious in care. Fleece is characterized by moisture-repellent properties. Often this material is compared with wool due to the property of excellent heat preservation.

The choice of fleece hats-scarves is very large, so every woman of fashion can choose the favorite color and style.

stylish scarf cap made with fleece


Manufacturers offer a huge range of color solutions for hat-scarves for the embodiment of the most extraordinary and bold images. But when choosing a color, it is first of all necessary to start with the color-type. It should decorate your face without changing its color.

When choosing the color solution of the scarf-cap, it is worth considering with what elements of the wardrobe you plan to wear it. For example, for the embodiment of a playful bow to white clothes, it is necessary to select a bright-colored hat-scarf.

pink colored scarf cap

With a dress or a pullover of black color, a snail of black or red will look harmonious, since such a tandem is always in fashion.

black color scarf hat best color

Many girls prefer the blue color, because it can be considered universal. It is suitable brown-haired, brunettes and blondes. The blue color looks harmoniously in tandem with black and gray. The blue hat-scarf will become a worthy ornament of a black coat or down jacket. It can be worn even with leather jackets. Such an image will definitely attract the attention of others.

universal blue color scarf cap

How to wear it?

Hat-scarf is a universal accessory, as it can be combined with different outerwear and not only. It can be perfectly combined with warm tunics, sweaters and even dresses.

To look charming and beautiful, you need to consider the features of the person when choosing the best way to wear such an unusual accessory. For example, girls with straight bangs are perfect with hat-tube, but it should not be lowered below the middle of the bang. If you do not wear a bang, then it is necessary to lift the hair.

girls with straight bangs are perfect hat-trumpet

Hat-scarf is an excellent solution for correction of some facial imperfections. It is worth putting it on so that it fits tightly on the cheeks, and its lower part covers a little bit of the chin. If it is necessary to give a volume model, then it is enough to fold the hat in half.

Hat-scarf is an excellent solution for the correction of certain facial imperfections

Snod is usually wrapped around the neck once, although it can be done several times. If the length of the product allows, then the hat-scarf can be wrapped even two times. In this case, one turn will be used as a scarf, and the second – a hat. Snood can be worn in the form of a long loop, which will visually lengthen the image, add originality and unusualness.

lengthy scarf with gloves

A hat-scarf in the form of a turban looks beautiful and bold. It completely wraps around the head, which gives the look an exotic and unique style.

cap-scarf in the form of a turban

If desired, this piece of clothing can be worn as a scarf. You need to stick your head through the hole and beautifully lay the folds. The hat-tube can cover half of the back. The choice is individual. The convenience of this headgear is that its length is easily adjustable.

piece of clothing can be worn as a scarf

A scarf-hat is a great solution for creating a fashionable look for everyday wear. Sometimes it can become an irresistible element in the embodiment of a business look. It can be decorated with brooches, bows or beads, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

Such a hat looks harmoniously in tandem with mittens or with gloves without fingers. When choosing shoes it is worth giving preference to ugg boots. If you decide to wear this wardrobe element as a scarf, then it can be combined with a hat.

scarf hat with gloves without fingers

Hat-scarf can become a bright detail in the ensemble with a coat. Models of bright colors look better with elegant decorations across the bottom of the product. Such a hat-scarf will also perform the function of a luxurious collar. An elegant and unforgettable image is guaranteed. To embody a harmonious look, it is necessary to select a hat in the tone of a coat.

hat scarf best with coat

Cashmere scarf is ideal for a classic or drapery coat. It can be beautifully laid – create a few turns around the neck and leave two long loops that will hang freely. When choosing the color range of the scarf-hat, it should be taken into account that it should be two tones lighter or darker in comparison with the shade of the coat. If the coat does not have a fur rim, then you can add an unforgettable look with the help of a fur snud.

fur scarf

The autumn coat looks stylishly in tandem with a scarf-transformer twirled on the neck. A stylish addition to the bow will be the mittens in the tone of the scarf.

The cap scarf can be worn with other outer clothing – down jackets, fur coats, doubles, sports jackets, sweaters, etc. For the outerwear of calm tones, a scarf decorated with an unusual print will be an excellent addition. For a bright down jacket is better to pick a snud cream or beige shade.

scarf twirled on the neck best autumn look

Images of hat scarf

  • Beautifully, gently and femininely looks a white hat-scarf of large knitted combined with a short dress in black color with a small gloss down. The ideal complement are brown boots with high bootlegs on top of snow-white gaiters in the tone of a scarf-cap, which can be seen from under the shoes.

beautiful white scarf cap

  • Very nicely looks fur scarf-snod with a black coat in the classic style. It replaces the collar, giving an image of elegance and elegance. Bright accent, stylish look is a small bag of bright purple. In this outfit, you definitely will not go unnoticed.

fur scarf with black coat for classic look

  • For the embodiment of an everyday look, you should pay attention to the combination of a black hat-scarf with a white down jacket. Gloves and handbag in the same tone with the headdress will add to the image of harmony. The combination of white and black never goes out of fashion.

black cap scarf with white coat



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