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Summer Hat Trends for Women

Summer hat trends – Intro

Summer – it’s the time of hats. And not just because it’s a trendy accessory. Hair in summer, especially coloured hair, require special protection from the sun’s rays. Then why shouldn’t we combine trendy with useful? Especially because in summer, they are presented in a vast number of options.

summer women hat trends 2017

The main trends of the season – femininity and originality of the appearance. Moreover, they are achieved by different, sometimes unexpected, ways. Fashion of summer hats reflect the global trends, and therefore relevant, both classic models and vintage. This applies not only to beach accessories, but also to those that are designed for urban imagery. Materials for women’s summer hats But first about materials.

summer hat to save from sun exposure.jpg

Straw hats

Undoubtedly, the best – the finest and skillfully woven straw hats – it is the best for the summer season. This year, relevant are not only it’s natural shades, but also blatantly bleaches, as well as bright, that correspond with the fashionable colour scheme. Straw hats are beautifully amenable to colour and relatively resistant to the sun, and therefore its colour wont’ fade. But, nevertheless, the preference in this season is given to pastel shades – whitened and gentle colors.

fashionable summer women hats 2017

Sisal hats

Another interesting and quite new material for the fashion industry – sisal. It is a natural material, obtained from the leaves of the agave, it has been known for several centuries, but recently, thanks to modern methods of processing, it has taken a worthy place in the hat trends.

It’s basis – cellulose, which means that the material is ‘’breathable’’ and very comfortable. It is also used the same way as straw hats, to create a variety of women’s summer hat styles. You should not lose sight of natural cotton, what makes this material so interesting, it is decorated with bright and original prints. From it are sewed wide-brimmed models for the beach and miniature – and for the city, the style of original panamok.

Felt Hats

The most controversial option of this summer – felt hats. This kind of model, even made from the most delicate felt, cannot be worn in warm weather on the beach or in the city. Therefore, it is not worth considering such models as summer ones, this seasons there are no special line for such hats. But if you have a successful example from the autumn-spring collections, and if you prefer to spend the summer in the rainy northern climate, then it can be used in a colder weather.

stylish summer women trendy hats 2017

Therefore, with these materials everything is more than obvious – natural, ecologically clean and very comfortable. Simple enough and very grand. And what about the sewing models? They cannot be called novelties of trends, but the favorites – definitely. Therefore, if in your wardrobe there is no such model, it is necessary to get it.

romantic and feminine women hat 2017

Moreover, the more expensive and sophisticated it will be – the better, they will never get out of the fashion. The trend is absolutely durable, and therefore it makes sense to buy the model of the most expensive Fashion House. However, the classics are also the subject of the new trends.

Fashionable hats in the summer in this style are – first of all, models of the finest straw or sisal. Rounded tully, broad fields – literally covering half of the face or tender colors of the source materials. The option is frankly the beach style, and is suitable for the rest, but such models in this season look very stylish in urban imagery. It is possible to make it all-out – wearing a romantic dress or a dressing gown. And you can play on the contrast – picking up the outfit on the basis of shortened denim shorts and a gentle top.

blue and white summer hats 2017

In such models, designers propose to actively use the original decor, for example, to pin the brim to the crown of the hat with the help of a brooch and the face is uncovered. This is the best option for urban images.

By the way, such models are unconditionally followed by almost everyone, and their presence in the trends is a real find for those who create their own image. Direct Look at the photo, these hats in the summer  create the perfect style:

perfect style summer hats 2017

bright colored summer hat women 2017

Another flawless and romantic solution – fashionable hats for summer in the style of the 70s of the last century, they are made of brightly printed cotton. The drawing can be both floral and psychedelic – as in the prototypes – but obligatory it needs to be catchy. The early vintage, namely, the 70th – is a trend that has gained altitude and is not going to hand it over, so it should not be ignored.

Such models should not be considered exclusively for beach – they perfectly fit into urban images, for example, based on jeans or shorts. To this one add only one detail in a fashionable style, for example, sandals on a platform and you will get the perfect fashionable outfit. The feminine and romantic images with the summer hats in the man’s style are built in a completely different way.

purple colored women summer hat 2017

perfect beach summer women hat 2017

Cowboy style headwear

In the trend – claiming the title of the classical style “Fedor” – exclusively urban and as always shocking. Such models in the lines of this season are presented in traditionally beige and milky shades, the basic materials are straw and sisal.

The designers paid special attention to the manner of weaving the very fabric of the model – complex and delicate interlacing only emphasize the severity and purity of the style. For the bravest – the most extravagant models. This season became – hats in a cowboy style. The style is also frankly “masculine” and requires not only careful selection of the persons type, but also a skillful combination.

cowboy style women summer hat trends 2017

It is these models that pose the question of an ideally fashionable combination. In any case, it is not necessary to create a complete image – jeans and cowboy boots are absolutely redundant. Leave the hat as the only and most juicy detail of the outfit.

With what to wear a hat in the summer? Two scenarios today’s trends offer two scenarios at once. The first, and most obvious, is the combination of romantic accessories with frivolous dresses and sarafans. The combination is not new, but this season is the one, when for the winter everyone is tired of practical styles, but such everyday images come to the peak of fashion.

big summer trending hat 2017

In addition, it is elegant, stylish and sometimes discouraging and beautiful, and is suitable for almost everyone. In fashion, the length of “maxi” and any outfit “on the floor” – even wide fashionable trousers – is an excellent occasion to supplement it with a luxurious accessory.

You will only need elegant shoes on a flat sole and a neutral bag. This option is perfect for urban images and is addressed to those who tan properly – at the sea and in a revealing bathing suit.

This hat will not be excessive at all in the beach clothes. But if you wear “mini” – shorts or slightly flared skirts, as well do not put yourself in a luxurious and feminine hat with a brim. But in this case, watch the proportions and silhouette of the figure – as an emergency tool you may need sandals on the platform.

How to collect a successful image with hats, these photos exactly prompt: Deciding with what to wear a hat in the summer, you can go the classic way – combining, in one image, feminine things and accessories.

summer hat 2017 with jeans and shirt

This is an impeccable and win-win option. And what to do with the fashionable models in the men’s style? Create non-trivial and very sexy mixes. The same “fedora” or cowboy hat will be perfectly combined with the most frivolous outfits in a romantic style.

Contrast of the image – this is what the leading world designers are building their images on. Jeans, a T-shirt and frivolous sandals – perfect! In no case you should look for such outfits with direct color or stylistic combinations. Only a bold, bold and vivid image is the basic principle of such a dress.

summer women hats 2017 perfect for dresses

Today’s trends suggest abandoning stereotypes, one outfit you can combine things of different styles. The main thing is to make the image organic and unique. Romantic models with wide margins and bright decor can be easily mixed with everyday outfits.

Successful jeans, a t-shirt on a figure and sunglasses – an ideal combination even for the most courageous hat. Important – is to not go on about fashion trends. Headdress requires its subtle and thoughtful choice. The main criterion is always the color type of the face and appearance.

summer hats according to the face and appearance

The main rule that should be remembered, wide-brimmed hats and a full figure – are incompatible. By the way, classical models will not be out of place. For them it is worth giving a couple of hours of their time, and re-measure their entire summer wardrobe to find the best option.


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