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Best hats brands review – Women and girls



In each person’s wardrobe should have a hat. In our time, at every step, you can meet a young girl, in the dead of the winter, without a hat or without a hat, under the scorching sun. Often this happens due to the fact that we are not able to perfectly select items for your facial features so that it not only matches with the person, color, but also is comfortable and warm. Correctly selected hat will not only be an elegant accessory, but also will visually correct the shortcomings of your face or, conversely, emphasize the virtues.

brand hats as elegant accessory

different stylish brand hats for women

Features of different models of hats

Now in the shops, it is easy to find a hat of any style, color, material. When choosing the right model, you do not need to rely on the seller’s opinion. His goal – to sell you goods at any cost. He can, without even glancing at you, say how this or that thing suits you, although in fact, it can be far from it. Therefore, when choosing it is worth paying attention to such an important thing as the person’s facial type. Each person is individual, and that, which is suitable for one person, may not fit the other at all. On the shape of a person face are selected hairstyles, all ornaments, and the hat is no exception to it.

The most common facial types are four: rectangle (oval), triangular, round and square. For each of them there are pros and cons.

Rectangle or oval

rectangle or oval face shape brand hat women

This type looks universal or, as it is called, ideal. Owners of this type are more fortunate than others. With this form, almost any headwear works well. Headscarves, hats, berets, miniature knitted hats, all these models will look gorgeous on this type of face.

The triangle

triangle face shape brand hat women

For this facial type, is characteristic that the upper part of the face is larger, more massive than the lower part. They should avoid overly tight hats and, conversely, too large. Therefore, you should wear models that cover the forehead, but not too bulky, you can have hats with ears or hats with small margins.

The circle

round circle face shape brand hat `

round circle face shape brand hat 2

The peculiarity of this form is that the widest part of the face is in the area of the cheekbones. Chubby girls are recommended to wear bulky hats that help lengthen the face, and not to emphasize its roundness, for example, knitted hats with lapels on the edges. Also bulky berets will fit, worn diagonally or with a visor, any asymmetrical patterns, ornaments or decorations, wide-brimmed hats. Asymmetry – the best way not to emphasize, but to mask the roundness of this type of face.

The square

square face shape brand hat

At first glance, this type of face seems proportional, but if the wrong accessories are chosen, it can look too wide, angular and even heavy. With this facial type, sports caps look great, as well as for a round facial type, asymmetrical hats, caps with earflaps. Also an excellent option to wear hats and berets, put on the very top so that the forehead is open, and the bulk, massive part is on the back of the head. It is necessary to avoid low hats, lowered on the forehead.

Choosing a headdress is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance, it is enough to know the type of your face, just as in clothing it’s enough to know your figure!

Hats brands

Among the variety of brands on the market, it is often difficult to choose. That’s why we will briefly talk about the most common and popular to date manufacturers.

  • Canoe – a brand that produces exclusively headwear. Among the range of Canoe accessories you can find both concise and rather shocking models. This season, designers have developed another novelty, perfectly suited to the harsh winter – hats with a small visor that will not only create a more original style, but also protect against wind, snow and frost.

canoe brand hat


  • La Planda– a brand that has been presenting its products for almost eighteen years. For the production of hats, European yarn and natural fabrics are used. The model range can be divided into three categories: youth, solid and sporty. Thus, any young girl or woman will pick up a warm and beautiful hat.

la planda brand hat


  • Ralph Lauren– the world-famous clothing brand this season surprised its fans with luxurious knitted winter hats of dark colors with interesting geometrical patterns. Such hats are suitable for everyday wear, which is rare in Ralph Lauren.

ralph lauren brand hat


  • Tommy Hilfiger – the last autumn-winter collection from Tommy Hilfiger impressed many with its originality. Designers preferred to abandon the unusual forms, drawing attention to the coloring and sewing. Some of the hats are made of warm yarn, and part of the fabric.

tommy hilfiger brand hat


  • Lacoste– this manufacturer differs from all others with its unisex hats, which look equally good both on girls and on guys. This year the collection of hats from Lakoste was replenished with monochromatic dark models, tightly adjacent to the head. Unfortunately, for a particularly cold region, this brand is not suitable, because it mainly uses cloth instead of yarn.

lacoste brand hat


  • Armani – a brand that produces several lines of clothes (Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, etc.) at the last show also presented a collection of winter hats. The main emphasis was made on dark colors and originality, but at the same time laconic forms. In the Armani Emporio line, more expensive and rare materials were used, and Armani Jeans preferred to abandon bright colors.

armani brand hat


  • Noryalli – the world famous Norwegian brand Noryalli is ideal for those who want to find a really warm hat. The main shades of this season were pastel gray and beige tones. If we talk about the form, then the manufacturer preferred the classic hats with a pompon, as well as slightly longer versions.

noryalli brand hat


  • Gap– youth sports brand, offering its customers a sufficiently high-quality products at an affordable price. The hats of this manufacturer will be especially liked by girls who prefer sports style in combination with brevity and conciseness. This season, Gap focused on small single-color models, which can be combined, both with a coat and a jacket with a hood.

gap youth brand hat

Images of hats

Sometimes it is difficult to simply understand the current trends with words. We present to you several images with hats, ideal for winter 2017-2018.

modern trending brand hat

  • Image 1

Original, but at the same time not fanciful hat, stands out with an unusual color and a beautiful knitting pattern. A small accent in the form of an emblem of the manufacturer is an excellent final detail. Hats in gray shades are great for brown-haired and blond, emphasizing warm colors.

warm colored brand hat

  • Image 2

It is these hats that are the peak of fashion of this season. Nothing superfluous, exceptionally good quality fabric and properly selected style. It is also important that the dark shades fit almost with any hair color.

dark shade brand hat

  • Image 3

This kind of hat is not just a way to keep warm in the winter, but also a separate element of the outfit. Luxuriously knitted, as well as the presence of a fashionable pompom will suit any girl. With such a headdress, you do not have to worry about the hair: soft rubber will not spoil the styling.

fashionable pompom brand hat

Correctly matched to the general style of the hat – an obligatory condition to comfortably and beautifully spend the cold days in the city or on vacation. Fortunately, the variety of options allows you to purchase the best model for every fashionista.

fashionable stylish winter season hat


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