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10 Best Pork Pie Hats for Men Reviews

Pork pie hats rose to popularity during the mid-19th century. It is called a pork pie hat because of its resemblance to a pork pie. It is a rounded hat with a narrow spiraled-up brim with a low-flat and moderately rounded crown. The crown has a crease flowing around the top edge of the inside. It usually has a ribbon or a banding hat to secured around the shoulder. It is done to join the crown to the brim. Feathers are often attached to one side of the hat.

Pork pie hats are a significant relevance to men in the fashion world. It is a perpetual piece of art that complements any look they are going for. These hats are all about versatility as they accompany all types of clothing any day. It can be a little confusing for you to pick the right size and design. It is always a fashionably millennial of any age to choose the right hat.

Here are the 10 best pork pie hats for men choosed by us:

The Hat Depot porkpie hatThe Hat Depot pork pie hat is entirely made out of wool. It is available in 4 different colors and two sizes. The hat is usable and fitting for several different occasions. It has a thick lift, which is convenient for summer use. But it is just as wearable in winter.

The Hat Depot adopts an unornamented look, and so it is always fun to accessorize your hat. It has the same band color with a metal button fastened to it. You can embellish it with different accessories.


  • The hat is unisex
  • You can easily clean the hat


  • The size differentiation can be a problem as it comes in large sizes
  • The design may be too simple for some people

Samplife Wool Felt Men's Porkpie Fedora Hat

Samplife porkpie hatIt is a stylish hat with a timeless design. It has a classic feel to it, and the durability of the hat is excellent. The product is entirely made from fedora wool and is lightweight. It also has a raw edge with a polishing finish, which gives it a classic look. The hat is available in brown, black, and gray colors. It is possible to wear for all genders.


  • The interior cotton sweatband and the adjustable drawstring makes it highly fitting and comfortable to wear
  • The hat is bendable and packable. It can be reshaped in any form, but it still won’t be damaged


  • It is not wearable during summer
  • It is available in limited colors

Belfry Crushable Pork Pie Fedora Hat

Belfry porkpie hatThe Belfry crushable porkpie hat has one significant feature which basically is its identity. It has the ability to be crushable and still not lose its shape. The hat is entirely made out of cotton and has an inner sweatband. The cotton sweatband helps keep the head dry and light. There is a grosgrain band with a glue-in feature. It is a great summer hat.


  • You can easily crush and pack it without damage
  • The packaging is very safe


  • There are issues such as incompatibility with the size
  • Some buyers may find the price expensive

NYFASHION101 Men's Crushable Pork Pie Hat

NYFASHION101 porkpie hatThe NYFASHION101 Pork Pie Hat is a beautifully structured hat. The hat is available in 2 sizes with four different colors. It has a brim size of 2.0 inches. The hat is entirely made out of wool which is perfect for winter. There is a feather attached to the hat, which gives it a satisfying look. The feather is easily removable and replaceable with another. Moreover, the hat is also customizable with different accessories and depends solely on the liking of the buyer.


  • This hat has an attachable feather feature
  • Buyers can easily crush it without ruining it


  • The hat does not have strings to adjust it
  • It is not washable

Bailey of Hollywood Pork Pie Fedora Hat

Bailey of Hollywood porkpie hatThis Bailey of Hollywood hat is an excellent product. It is made out of polypropylene. The product is known for its durability and how bendable it is. It is highly convenient for traveling purposes. The hat also has a cotton sweatband on the interior for keeping moisture away. It comes in 3 different colors. The hat is best worn during summer days, but you can still wear it on other seasons.


  • The hat is available for all genders
  • It has a water-resistance
  • The sweatband prevents allergies


  • The hat can be substantial for some buyers
  • It does not have enough ventilation
  • During heavy rains, water can penetrate through the hat

Belfry Summer Pork Pie Trilby Fedora Hat

Belfry summer pork pie hatThe Belfry summer straw porkpie hat is a versatile product. So, it is wearable for a casual day out as well as for formal parties. It is a very light hat which makes it more useful for the buyers. The hat has 2 inches of brim along with a 4-inch diamond crown. It has an unlined interior that provides a grosgrain ribbon inner band. It is available in several different sizes along with a multi-selection of 12 vibrant colors.


  • The hat is bendable for traveling purposes
  • It is easy fitting


  • It is not water-repellent
  • The packaging of the hat is inferior

The Hat Depot Unisex Pork Pie Hat

The Hat Depot unisex pork pie hatThe Hat Depot light weight porkpie hat is a spotless product. It is entirely made out of polyester. The hat is available in 8 different colors and two sizes. The sizes usually fit from 22 inches to 22.5 inches. It also consists of a crown with 4 inches and 1.5 inches of the brim. The hat is bendable and can be used for travel purposes. The quality is highly light and comforting, which makes it usable for a variety of occasions. The durability of the product is excellent.


  • It is weather resistant
  • The hat is easily crushable and transformable
  • The string feature help makes adjustments


  • The brim is crooked
  • The hats are a little larger than expected

Men's Cotton All Season Pork Pie Hat

men's porkpie sun hatThis everyday all-season porkpie hat is one of the most simplistic products out there. The hat is made straight out of cotton. It does not have much going out on the exterior, but that is the whole idea about this product. It is supposed to be attractive and elegant by its simplicity. This hat has a short crown with a stingy curved brim. So, it basically screams “Less Is More” as it achieves the right look with minimum efforts. The interior of the hat has a luxurious paisley print lining.


  • It complements any look that you’re going get
  • The quality of the hat is above subpar


  • It is not really foldable for traveling usage
  • It is not necessarily recommended for use in winter

Kangol Men's LiteFelt Pork Pie Hat

Kangol porkpie hatKangol men’s litefelt pork pie hat is made in the US entirely with wool. It is available in different sizes and five different colors. The hat is designed with LiteFelt. LiteFelt is basically a revolutionary treatment procedure that takes natural unstiffened premium wool felt hat and makes it resistant to water and shape tenacious. The Kangol logo is designed with a self-fabric band and a traditional metal pin logo.


  • It is advantageous during rainy days
  • The quality of the product is highly regarded
  • Musicians find this product to be extremely beneficial


  • The sizes of the hat are larger than expected
  • The rise of the hat is quite shallow

Men's Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat with Feather

men's crushable porkpieThis crushable wool felt porkpie hat is made from soft and crushable wool. The quality is quite soft and comfortable. It is a fitting hat and frequently used for travel and work purposes. The product has the ability to retain its original shape after its usage. The brim size is 1 3/4″ wide along with a Crown that is 4″ deep. The hat has a feather attached to it which is removable.


  • The hat does not cause any type of allergy or itchiness
  • It is sold at an affordable price to the buyers
  • The hat does not slip


  • There area few issues related to the packaging of the product


To sum up, pork pie hats have been regarded as one of the most classic designs of hats for ages. The signature identity includes a small crown with a flat heading. The brim of these hats is always curved upwards or lays in a flat manner. Pork pie hats are still relevant even up to this day. They are highly demanded in the market. These hats have been some of the best choices for men to garnish their look for any season. Plan out your ensemble for the season and rock it with these ten best pork pie hats.