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Women’s Straw Hats

Straw hats for women

Hat is an unusual accessory for women’s wardrobe, which deserves special attention. Today the assortment of women’s hats is so big that every girl can choose her own headwear for any outfit, event and even mood.

straw hats for women

However, there is a special kind of hats that have been very popular over the centuries. It is a straw hat. If straw hat was associated with peasants in the past, then today it is an interesting and very original attribute of the wardrobe of a modern fashionista.

fashionable straw hats for women

Straw hats give a feeling of romance, love, the sea, quiet summer evenings, some ease and airiness …

straw hats with shorts

summer straw hats with shorts

History of origin

straw hats history of origin

Straw hat has it’s historical roots in the days of Antiquity. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans wore hats made of straw, which hid them from the scorching summer sun. And the Jews have considered this hat an indispensable element of the national costume.

stylish straw hat with women dress

The first mention of straw hats in European countries dates from the 15th century AD. At that time, such headdress was worn exclusively by peasants, who spent a lot of time in the open air in the fields.

Over the time, the middle and upper social classes began to pay attention to the practicality, comfort and attractiveness of headdresses made from straw. Straw hats became the constant companion of almost every European of that period of time. To create the hats, a special kind of wheat with beautiful golden shimmering was grown. The most suitable terrain for such wheat was Florence.

straw hat made from special kind of wheat

Later straw hats made of high quality materials were exported all over the world. Most of all, these products found a response in the hearts of Americans, where over time the production of straw hats was established. During the crisis in 1929-1930, some enterprises were forced to close. However, the small part of the factories that survived at that time were able to stay afloat and further expand the production facilities for the production of men’s, women’s and children’s hats from straw.

straw hats for men

straw hats for kids

Over time, companies that manufactured straw hats began to use not only wheat straws, but also other materials, including Panamanian and rice straw, banana palm leaves, seaweed, Ecuadorian Tokella plant, artificial straw.

rice straw, banana palm leaves, seaweed straw hats

How they are made

made from natural or artificial straw hats

The name “straw hat” already says that the hats are made of natural or artificial straw. However, we all know that it is not easy to bend a straw stem and make it keep a shape. How does the process of changing straws into refined and elegant hats occur?

straw hats with flowers

stylish hat with accesssories

First of all, the straw is subjected to a special steam treatment. Then, for several days, it is placed in water so that it softens, but at the same time retains its flexibility and strength. After such procedures, the straw becomes more pliable, flexible and elastic, the surface acquires silky and light shine. And from such material hats are created. When making a headdress on order, the product is made individually, taking into account the wishes and preferences of the customer.

different style straw hat

straw hat perfect for beach

To date, the technology of making straw hats allows you to produce models of different styles.


different kind of straw hat

Over the centuries, the straw hat remains one of the leading fashion accessories. No annual fashion show goes without this headdress. Straw hat is an invariable attribute in the wardrobe of almost every modern woman, from the youngest to the ladies of Balzac’s age.

However, all the ladies want to look unique among the rest of the people. Therefore, today the shops of headdresses and various accessories offer a wide range of straw hats to their customers. In addition to the fact that hats can differ in the length of the fields (short, medium, long), they also come in different styles. For example, the most common types of straw hats include the following variants of hats with fields:

  • smooth;
  • wavy;
  • bent upwards;
  • slightly bent down;
  • even, but the front field is slightly curved downwards, or, conversely, with a lap up;
  • with a border or, conversely, without a border.

black golden different kind of straw hat


green colored straw hat

 Straw hat doesn’t necessarily need to be the colour of straw. Today, a rich colour palette is available. The most popular colours are white, black, shades of beige, sand and mustard tones. However, you can find a hat that is bright orange, red, crimson, turquoise, blue, violet or in other colour. During processing, the straw may discolour, bleach or colour.

cute pink and white striped straw hat


In everything there should be a variety. After all, a straw hat of the same kind, style and model could not keep its popularity for such a long period of time. Therefore, fashion designers, taking into account the public interest in summer headdresses, try to diversify the model range, creating new variations of hats from straws.

straw hat as best fashionable headdress

Models that enjoy high consumer demand at the present time:

  • The Florentine hat is of a classical form, but is made exclusively from straw grown under the warm sun of Florence.

florentine classical form straw hat

The Cowboy Hat is a unique headdress that immerses the modern world in the days of the Wild West. Tullea has the shape of an oval with a concave inward bottom, while the fields can be both flat and curled up.

cowboy straw hat

  • Kanotier – differs with its’ rigid form. The hat is low, has straight fields.

kanotier straw hat

  • Panama hat, made from soft straw varieties, has a classical shape and short fields. The peculiarity of this headdress is softness. If necessary, such hat can be rolled up without a fear of destroying its shape.

hat panama soft straw hat

What to wear it with straw hat

Straw hat is so tightly integrated into the life of modern society that this accessory can be found not only on the sea coast, but also within the boundaries of a multimillion-dollar metropolis. The variety of the hat allows wearing such headdress on a romantic date, and for business or official meetings. Before making a purchase, you need to determine the purpose of the accessory.

straw hats for romantic dates

For example, wide-brimmed straw hats are suitable for summer on the beach. Variants of various colours are available, including a bright colourful palette. Often such hats are complemented by decorative elements: artificial flowers, wide ribbons, bows, lace edging and more. They will look good with swimsuits, and with light loose or romantic clothes (sarafans, dresses, open tops and short shorts, loose-cut shirts and shorts with a cuff, blouses and various skirts, etc.)

straw hats with skirts shorts loose cut shirts

For everyday life in the city, stylists recommend looking at straw hats of a simple laconic style. Such models can be supplemented by low-key ornaments. They are perfectly combined with casual style: jeans of various styles, straight cut trousers, shirts, light jackets or vests, leggings with elongated T-shirts or shirts. Ideal for urban life – a hat with removable decor. It is very convenient, as if necessary, decorative elements can be easily attached or, conversely, removed.

Fans of travelling consider straw hat in a cowboy style an indispensable element of their wardrobe. Such a headdress must be supplemented with a stylish shirt, jeans, leather accessories (a belt or gloves, etc.) and cowboy boots with spurs.

straw hats with stylish bags

Straw hat is so universal that it can be worn both for work and strolling near the sea or the ocean. Individuality is precisely that trait of a person’s character that a straw hat can emphasize.


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