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10 Best Sun Hats for Kids


Best sun hats for kids

Why is important to protect kids from sun with hat or cap?

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The moments where we started to feel the deep warmth of the summer days, in the same moment we are afraid about the sunburnts, extra UV rays that can effect our health in a bad way, and the traces can appear on our skin. To avoid these situations, we use some creams but from inside we all know the most certain way to avoid sun is to find a shadow. Unfortunately it is not always easy to find shadows and protect ourselves and our little ones. Even for adult skin, face is the most fragile part. Imagine the face of a baby, the most fragile and important part of his body. It is very important to save the baby from sun. The most healthy solution for this problem is to prefer baby sun hat for your little one. There are a lot of baby sun caps which are designed in different ways, with different materials and it is getting harder to choose the best solution abour kids sun hats. In this article, we did deep review about different baby sun hat varieties to help you chose the best baby sun cap for your little one.

1. Vivobiniya Newborn Baby Summer Hat Little BearToddler 0-12M

vivo-biniya Newborn Boy Summer Hats Baby Sun Hat

As we know, light blue color fits the baby boy image so much that it took a name as baby blue. But of course we don’t believe in strict lines between gender so baby blue fits also well to the baby girls. When we are choosing the right kids sun hats, we are considering the past of the company that is producimg baby sun caps. Luckily there are enough compaines that we can trust our eyes closed. Vivobiniya is a company that is producing baby sun hat and swimming clothes and focused its target over 1 to 12 years. With the advanced manufacturing techniques, their hats are ergonomic and consists of 95% cotton which will capture all the sweat and let the skin breathe while it is covering the face of your baby to avoid defective rays of sun. With it’s flexible tire on the back, you can easily make it stable to the head of your baby. It has also a string which you can tighten the hat of your baby under your baby’s chin. Plus this baby sun cap has beautiful little starts over it which will make your baby shine.

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2. Marca west Unisex Baby Kid Toddler Boy and Girl Infant Sun Protection Bucket Hat

Marca west Unisex Baby Kid Toddler Boy Girl Infant Sun Protection Bucket Cap Hat

It is important to cover the face and head of your baby in those hot summer days but you should never forget about the back of the head which is exposed directly to the sun while your baby is playing his head down. Marca west unisex baby sun hats are designed save not only the face but around the head of your baby. This cotton material baby sun cap can be adjustable with chin straps that can be tied under the neck. It can be worn whole year long, and it is designed by durable materials. With the cord placed around the hat makes baby sun hat more stylish and sweet, especially when you see it is written “Happy Prince” over your baby boy sun hat.

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3. Kids Sun Hat for Camping and Traveling with Sun Protection UPF 50+

Kids Sun Hat for Camping Protection UPF 50+ Adjustable Head Baseball Caps for Outdoor Hiking Traveling

So here is a nice baby sun cap suggestion for camp lover families. With it’s style, it is definetely separates itself from the others. Boys and girls sun hats are suitable for the babies from the ages of 1 to 3 and 3 to 5. With the chin strap, you can simply do toggle adjustment and you can use breakaway safety clip to fix the size. This tie under the chin hely your baby to keep his cap on place and it is perfect solution for outdoor activities for your baby. It is packable and made up of compact design to store easily during your vacations. The high quality cotton fabric used for it’s production so it is soft and breathable. With it’s beautiful embroideries, your baby will be the star of the camp.

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4. Bucket Sun Hat for Baby Boys with Chin Strap – Little Me 

Bucket Sun Hat for Baby Boys with Chin StrapIt is not always about saving your babies skin from the defective rays of sun but to keep his eyes delicate internal structures and keep him see around better without squinting. It is an important solution to use sunscreens for the skin of your baby but it is not possible apply sunscreen to the scalp of your baby which is the fist place to be exposed to the sun, delicate and with less hairs, that are not enough to cover the scalp completely. When we buy a product, we always think about the possible ways and possible time to use this product. For the ones who cares about the sustainability of a product, this hat will be your first chioce. Reversible baby boy sun hat, is a reversible hat that can be used in two different parts. One side of it is cobvered with sailboats while other part is completely red. With this baby boy hat, you can create different combinations of the outfit of your baby. In both cases, it’s red hook and loop closure will give your baby a stylish look. The velcro chin straps will help your baby keep the head durable and provides a better fit.

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5. Bucket Sun Hat with Chin Strap Aqua Dry 

Baby Bucket Sun Hat with Chin StrapThe more technology goes forward, the newer materials are joining in our lives by the daily products. Polyester is one of these materials. The reason why we need to prefer polyester baby sun hat is because it is funcitioning the same with other hats but also provides aqua dry feature. This way it is more possible to use polyester baby sun hat not only in summer time but at also in winter time when the weather is cold and wet. With it’s materials, it will provide warmth to the head of your baby in cold days. You can adjust the side by chinstrap and it has also break-away safety clip for chinstrap in order to get rid of it.

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6. Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat

Toddler Brim Sun Protection HatYou can also prefer to have more variety of polyester hats. Despite cotton hats which are only hand washed, polyester baby sun caps can be cleaned by washing machine. It has light weight, so it can be easily carried, and will not disturb the head of your baby. The inside of polyester hats, there is microfiber part that is saving your babies head towards sweating.

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7. Sun Hats for kids with Chin Strap, Adjustable Head Size, 50+ UPF Cotton

Baby Toddler Kids Sun Hat with Chin Strap, Adjustable Head SizeNot eveybody these days are fan of pretentious products. Mostly we started to like more the simplicity in our lives. If you believe that no baby sun hat can embower the beauty of your child, this hat is a perfect solution for you. This baby sun hat can both be used for a baby boy and a baby girl. It is available in white, pink and textured white colors. It is made up of 100% cotton so it is the healthiest that you can ever find. With the chin strap, you can adjust the side under the chin of your baby. You can always get rid of these chin straps with a breakaway safety clip.

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8. Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection Hat – UPF 50+ 

Baby & Toddler Brim Sun Protection HatThe other minimal design of baby sun cap is Quossi hat that is designed with a wide brim and adjustable headstring. Despite other plain white baby sun cap, this one is 100% polyester. So it can be machine washed and it will dry quicly with it’s porperty of being aqua dry.

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9. Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat

Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim HatSometimes it is not perfect solution to choose the head as a full piece. I play baby sun hat is a best solution to move more flexible for your baby. It basically works like a baby sun cap but with also extra cover for the back of the neck of your baby. The front and back parts can move separetly so you can flip wihchever part you wish. It is 100% polyester, with a microfiber covered inside. With its longer neck plap, it is providing better sun protection than other hats. It is available in fashionable colors and it can be washed in washing machine without losing it’s color and quality. It can always be adjusted by the tie that is located at the back and setted on specific size to be stable on the head of your baby.

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10. Infant Wide Brim Summer Hat – Sun Protection 

Infant Wide Brim Summer Hat - Sun ProtectionEvery parents likes to see their daughter with elegant outfit. Nothing can match to an outfit of a babby girl better that a snow white baby girl hat. Yopindo hat is the most stylish and elegant baby girl sun hat. With its material, cotton, it will provide a healthy protection to your baby girl and it will make your baby comfortable with its soft tecture towards the sensitive skin of your baby. It is convenient for the babies that are between 12 to 48 months. It is made up of pored structure which will allow the scalp of your baby to breathe. The tie located under the chin will keep the hat in secure place during wind. The brim of the baby girl hat flops down enough to provide highest coverage from the sun without disturbing your baby girl. With its beautiful hollow floreal design, all eyes will be on your baby girl.

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