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10 Best Men’s Outback Hats

Hats were a common item in the wardrobe of people, rich and poor alike, as it was once considered everyday wear. However, as the years went by, the interest of hats lost its appeal in between. 

Although not worn by everyone, hats today have found their places in your wardrobe for its functionality in outdoor activity and as fashion accessories. In recent years, a few classics like outback hats have made their return, and people are going full-throttle by popularizing hats again.

Outback hats are not only known for its classic style, but it is also an authentic accessory item which is perfect for protecting from the heat, rain, or harsh weathers.

Here is a list of top 10 best outback hats for men:

Dorfman Pacific Outback HatThis brown colored outdoor, UPF 50+ rating is the perfect hat for your next jungle safari. It comes with leather trim, weathered finish and a brown band in the interior for absorbing sweats without causing skin irritation. 


  • Ideal for harsh weather, consisting of 52% cotton and 48% polyester, designed for breathability and strength
  • Wrinkle and tear resistance


  • The hat is not ideal for deet spraying

Outback Trading Oilskin River Hat

Outback Trading HatMade from 100% pure cotton oilskin, this hat is designed with UPF protection and features a chin cord for keeping the hat in place. It is made for those who prefer oilskin finishes. You can also choose from a wide range of colors and styles.  


  • Manufactured from 100% superior cotton material
  • Highly durable with customized shaping 


  • The sizing can be a little tricky as not everyone falls under the small, medium or large size charts

Dorfman Pacific Men's Twill Outback Hat

Dorfman Pacific Twill Outback HatDorfman Pacific is known for producing quality and reliable hats. The Twill Outback Hat is a 3-brim hat comprising of the faux leather sweatband, which will give you comfort from heat, sweat, and wind. 


  • It is made from garment-washed twill material, ideal for any outdoor activities
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Designed for comfort and ease 


  • Check your size properly before placing the order as the size may vary a little from the normal chart sizes

Scala Classico Men's Crushable Outback Hat

Scala Classico Outback HatA comfortable, suave, and sophisticated hat for men, it is manufactured from 100% wool felt. Scala Classico is a cool and practical outdoor headgear that protects the neck and eyes.


  • Highly travel friendly as it is packable and crushable
  • Its water-repellent characteristic makes it very durable and reliable


  • Due to the variety of color choices available the shades can be confusing

Silver Canyon Weathered Outback Hat

Silver Canyon Outback HatThis cowboy-inspired, weathered cotton hat is made to withstand heat and provide protection from humidity and heat. It will give you a rugged, western look. 


  • This hat will not wear-down even if it is soaked in heavy rain
  • It is treated for wrinkle and tear resistance and designed to provide breathability  


  • The brim tends to become uneven when brushed against something but with some adjustments, it will retain its shape back

Outback Trading Australian Hat

Outback Trading Australian HatOutback Trading is one of the most favored amongst the 10 best outback hats for men and offers a stylish addition to your wardrobe. Its design represents the authentic charm of a laidback Aussie lifestyle. The waterproof nature of the hat makes it great for hiking, riding, fishing, and other outdoor adventures.


  • It is a long-lasting piece of a hat which can last for years
  • The crown is reinforced for durability
  • The wire brim provides personalized shaping


  • It is not that flexible to be packed in a suitcase

Home Prefer Outdoor Sun Hat With Neck Flap

Home Prefer Outdoor HatHome Prefer outdoor is the perfect hat for camping, hunting, kayaking, gardening, etc. The hat protects your neck and ears from the harmful sun rays. This hat can make great gifts for either a man or a woman.


  • Easy to wash and quick to dry
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • The hat is foldable but quite stiff 

Walker and Hawkes Outback Antique Hat

Walker and Hawkes Outback HatIf you are planning for an outdoor adventure, then Walker and Hawkes hat is your choice. Crafted from natural, water-resistant leather, the hat is trimmed with leather straps and given a fine finish for that refined touch.


  • Dirt and dust can be easily cleaned by using a soft brush
  • Easy to handle and highly water-resistant 


  • The hatband is not removable

Stetson Men's Crushable Cowboy Hat

Stetson Crushable Cowboy HatThis is a hat designed to bring out the cowboy in you. It is made from 100% wool. A slim leather is attached to the hatband to give it a fine trim. The inner lining is made for providing comfort and functionality.


  • Manufactured for endurance and durability
  • Its stylish finishing adds a class to it


  • The material of the hat is woolen, so it is not the perfect choice for summers

JFH Outdoor Safari Summer Hat

JFH safari hatClassically styled with a touch of modern trimmings, you will make a style statement every time you wear this hat. Not only is the JFH Wide Brim Bora Booney Outdoor Safari Summer Hat a fashionable accessory but, it is a very functional hat too.


  • Manufactured from the best quality materials which have been handcrafted for durability
  • Efficient moisture-absorbing characteristic 


  • The neck flap on the back is not removable


Whether it is for making a fashion statement to add that extra suave to your outfit or for functionality, outback hats are comfortable and durable. They make the perfect accessory to protect your face and neck from the harmful sunlight. 

Originally considered as an essential item for people who worked in the open air, outback hats today symbolize masculinity and adventure. The best aspect of an outback hat is, however, its ability to precisely adjust its form as per the functionality and desire.