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9 Best Headphone Hats Reviews

Best Headphone Hats Reviews

As implicit from the name, headphone hats are hats with speakers built in them. A hat with headphones is a fashion, communication and musical piece suitable for young people and adult.

It serves multiple functions:

First, you wear the hat as a fashion piece. It is available in different colors and designs. You will always find a design that will suit your wears.

Second, you can wear it to offer protection to the head against cold during the winter period or during periods when the mercury has gone low. It is a good communication product. It frees your hands making it possible for to answer your calls, do sport, drive, carry out your domestic works and other things. With it, you will no longer miss important calls. It is a convenient tool to wear during work. In this way, it helps to improve productivity.

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Here, we will review the 9 best headphone hats based on customer feedbacks.

1. Zibaar Headphone Beanie – Bluetooth 4.1

Fitted with the state of the art Bluetooth V4.1 chip, this product connects quickly and steadily with all Bluetooth enabled music devices including your tablets and cell phones. Wireless range of this hat is about 10m or 33ft. It is powered with a rechargeable Li-polymer battery which has a standby time of 100 hours and can also play music for 5 hours non stop.

The features and functions of this hat with headphones are selected via three buttons. It feels soft on the head. The warm polar fleece material used in creating it is expandable and thus, it can be worn by people with different head sizes. You can wash the beanie but you need to remove the Bluetooth headphones before doing that.


  • It is breathable.
  • It comes with impressive features.
  • It feels good on the head even after many hours of usage.
  • It has a wonderful sound quality.
  • It is waterproof and thus can be used to swim.


  • If you are used to wireless ear buds, you may find the wire cumbersome.

2. Cowin – Headphone hat for kids with bluetooth

This beanie is designed and equipped with features that add value to the communication and entertainment life of the wearer.

It fits perfectly on the head. It can be worn for indoor and outdoor activities. It feels soft on the head thanks to the soft knit used in making it. It is stretchable and thus can be worn by all kids. It comes with V4.0 technology for easy connection to various kinds of Bluetooth enabled devices and mobile sets like tablets, Android, iPad, iPhone and Smartphone.


  • It comes with 18 month warranty.
  • It is washable once the Bluetooth headphones are removed.
  • It delivers quality sound.
  • It is available in a lightweight design and does not cause any itching on the ears.
  • They are adjustable.


  • A standby time of 60 hours is not very wonderful especially for a child that listens music much of the time.

3. Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Speaker and Mic – Unisex

With an easy to use control panel, first grade V4.1+EDR Bluetooth technology and a nice look, this product is designed to enhance your communication and music life.

It connects quickly to any Bluetooth enabled device within a distance of 33ft (10m).

It is a headphone hat that can be worn under various environments and weather conditions. It is made with a breathable and stretchable material. Thus, it can fit most people regardless of the sizes of their heads.


  • It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptop, Smartphones, Apple iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, Nokia, LG and many others.
  • It can be charged with a USB cable.
  • It is available in a lightweight design.
  • It fits most heads and thus can be shared by siblings in family on budget.
  • The Bluetooth headphone is removable.
  • It can be worn during all seasons of the year.
  • The built in speaker is not very much noticeable.


  • The battery performance including the 2 hours changing time is not very impressive.
  • You may find the control a little bit hard to use unless you take time to read the user manual.

4. Zibaar – Bluetooth Headphone Beanie with Removable Headset

Zibaar beanie wireless Bluetooth hat is fitted with removable headset for easy washing. The Bluetooth headphone connects with any Bluetooth enabled device within the distance of 33ft (10m) as all bluetooth 4.1 devices.

It has a voice prompt which alerts you when the battery is low, when the volume is at its maximum, when the power is on or off and other situations. It is made with polar fleece material which makes the beanie suitable for winter use. The battery when fully charged within an hour can be used to play music continuously for 5 hours. It can last for 60 hours on standby time.


  • The PCB comes with Over-current, overcharge and overheat circuit protection.
  • It is suitable for winter use.
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It fits all head sizes.
  • It can be worn both indoors and outdoors and for various occasions.


  • The right speaker is quite noticeable when it is worn and this puts a dent on its specification.
  • Despite its inclusion in the list of the best Bluetooth beanie it does not give the best comfort.

5. Welltop Headphones Hat + Touchscreen Gloves

The Welltop Headphones hat keeps your head warm when you are out in the open during the winter season. With it, you can listen to your favorite music and answer your calls without using your hands. Thus, it is a perfect hat to wear when you are driving, working and working out.

The gloves equipped with a touchscreen technology for easy and convenience use of your smartphone.


  • The hat is made with a breathable material which offers protection against the UV rays of the sun.
  • The headphones are easy to be removed and reinstalled in case you want to wash the beanie.
  • Its speakers deliver impressive HD stereo sound.
  • The battery can be charged with a USB.
  • The beanie can fit most heads thanks to the stretchable material used in creating it.


  • It has a low battery continuous play time of 3.5 hours.
  • The charging time of about 3 hours is also high.

6. Tenergy – Bluetooth Beanie Knit Cap

Tenergy Wireless Bluetooth keeps the head warm, leaves the hands free and provides wearer with standard quality sound. With the Bluetooth technology, it can connect quickly to tablets, Smartphones, cell phones and Android.

It is fashionable and gives wearer a perfect fit. The material used in creating it is thick for protection against cold but it feels soft on the head and ear. You can put on the hat for outdoor activities such as driving, running and the likes. It is also a good hat to wear when relaxing on the bed.


  • The beanie can be washed when the Bluetooth headphones are removed.
  • The battery runtime of 6 hours continuously play is quite great.
  • The product is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled technology.
  • Date transfer is quickly accomplished thanks to its enhanced data rate.
  • It fits all head.


  • The sound quality is not topnotch.
  • The signal strength may experience some hiccups occasionally.

7. Mydeal – Beanie Hat with wireless Headset for Winter Sports Fitness Gym Exercise Workout

Made with soft acrylic material, the Mydeal Bluetooth Beanie can be worn for hours without causing any discomfort to the head. It is a good hat to wear during workouts in the gym, outdoor exercise and even when one is traveling or doing some work.

It connects easily as previous hats to tablets, cell phones, laptops, Android and other Bluetooth enabled devices within a range of bluetooth. From the control panel, you can control the functions and features. The battery has an appreciable 6 hours play time and 60 hours standby time.


  • It is washable when the headphones are removed from the beanie.
  • It is available in a lightweight design and feels soft on the head.
  • The material used in creating it is breathable and thus one size fits all.
  • It connects quickly and delivers quality sound.
  • You can sleep while wearing the hat.


  • The battery charge time of 2 hours 30 minutes for a playtime of 6 hours is somewhat long.

8. Soundbot SB210 HD Stereo – Bluetooth Smart Beanie cap

Soundbot SB120 is a great product created to improve the communication and entertainment life of the wearers. The hat which features a built in headset with Bluetooth 4.1 offers maximum comfort to the wearer. The beanie feels warms and soft to the head.

It is created with a stretchable high quality knit material which gives a perfect fit to the wearer regardless of the shape and size of his or her heads. The sound delivered by the headphone whether one is listening to music or answering call is of high quality. Fast connection to iPhone, tablets, Smartphones, iPad, laptops and other mobile devices with Bluetooth technology.


  • It is made with quality acrylic and polyester material for enhanced durability.
  • The battery life for standby time of about 60 hours and one hour charge time are great.
  • The Bluetooth module is covered with a year warranty while the beanie itself comes with 30 days warranty.
  • It can be used under different weather condition like when it is snowing and during cold weather.
  • The heart can be worn to bed.
  • The pairing and connections are very fast.


  • Sound quality is not topnotch even though it is not bad.
  • The controls for turn on/turn off are not superb.

9. Bluetooth Beanie Hat for outdoor Sports

Fitted with V4.1 Bluetooth headphone headset, this product is meant not just to provide warmth to the head during cold weather but also to ease communication thanks to its built-in microphone.

With the Bluetooth wireless connection, you can pair and connect it with other Bluetooth enable devices within 33 feet range and play your music from there. The headphones can be removed for the beanie so that it can be washed when it is dirt.

It comes with a 3.7V/160 MAH battery which when fully charged can deliver 4 – 6 hours of playback and standby time of about 3-4 days.


  • It offers maximum comfort to the wearer.
  • It can be used for different indoor and outdoor activities such as hiking, skating, dog walking, camping and others.
  • It has a friendly and stunning design.
  • It is covered by 2 two years warranty.


  • The battery has a long charging time of 2.5 – 3 hours.


Take time to read this bluetooth beanie review to enable you make an informed decision when it is time for you to purchase one. All the products reviewed here have great customer feedbacks and reviews. Any of them will make a perfect a choice. But I will recommend Zibaar Headphone Beanie – Bluetooth 4.1 because of the numerous positive reviews it has received.

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