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Best Men’s Hat Brands

Hats have adorned humanity for centuries, and have served different purposes throughout its history. But with modern fashion revolution and niche moving on to a whole new level, hats are now more of a fashion statement than just an everyday accessory.

From classics like Panama to modern casuals, hats find a special place in every style enthusiast’s home, especially the ones from the nineties. If you are obsessed and have a deep love for hats, you have landed on the right page. 

We will walk you through some of the best headwear brands in the industry that will significantly supplement your vogue.

1. Bailey


If you love classic headwear, then you must have probably heard of the brand known as Bailey. This label is a master of creating classics such as the Panama and fedora for decades and has been inspiring Hollywood legends for long.

Redefining American hat fashion since 1922, Bailey has grown into one of the most preferred brands across the globe. They have a proven track record of producing high-quality products with best-in-class craftsmanship and an array of timeless masterpieces. 

Pork pies and felt trilbies are some of the popular classy styles that the label takes pride in its long product line-up.

2. New Era

New Era

Classic hats might have stolen the show, but New Era continues to grab a large chunk of the market with outstanding quality snapbacks, especially among athletes. Many credit the revival of snapbacks to this label, as they feature in the wish list of people looking for stylish streetwear as well.

You will witness many major league baseball players adorning these on-field caps as the American brand is the exclusive snapback producer for the league. However, they are also well-loved outside of the sporting fraternity owing to their incredible quality and trendy patterns and styles.

3. Goorin


Established in Pittsburgh, America, Goorin is a brand you should consider if you are looking for some formal headwear. Starting as a small business in the headwear industry, Goorin has come a long way since then. Today, the sheer quality and craftsmanship that masters in producing iconic headwear have placed it among the top international brands and garnered many fans worldwide.

They have an incredible line of products that scores high in quality and design. From pork pie hats that embellished Walter White in Breaking Bread series to classic fedoras that turn everyone into perfect gentlemen, the brand has got you covered with its outstanding headwear collection.

4. Past Present

Past Present

Apart from kangaroos that Australia takes pride in, it also serves as the birthplace of one of the most elegant headwear labels in the world. Past Present is a brand known for its contemporary hats and the unique, trendy details it incorporates.

Despite producing vintage and classy hats, the company is a major hit among the younger generation. The label specializes in infusing past with the present, which means that you get classic design but in a modern and trendy style.

Whether you are looking for a baseball cap or a fashionable wide brim hat, this label is undoubtedly worth considering.

5. Barbour


Countryside fashion has seen a surge in recent times, and if hats are in concern, Barbour ends up as the top contender. They have an excellent range of headwear that captures the beautiful aesthetics of British heritage. 

The brand develops trust by delivering premium products made from high-quality materials. Their designs are unique and provide a sheer sense of adorning countryside inspired fashion such as traditional tweeds and waxed cotton that is the outcome of excellent craftsmanship.

Barbour undoubtedly deserves a spot in this best men’s hat brands list with a wide variety of products that range from flat caps to bucket hats.

6. Brixton


This Californian hat maker has been a significant hit with its beautifully crafted hats. Taking inspirations from culture, trend, and music, you can find a variety of headwear in its arsenal. 

The label specializes in creating excellent products that include fedoras, beanies, and snapbacks, which, in a way, resembles Californian culture and landscape. Trilby hats are one of the best sellers in their line-up, and it is no surprise that many people sport them during summer festivals.

Brixton hats are perfect for any day out as it combines style with shade keeping fashion at the foremost.

7. Lock and Co. Hatters

Lock and Co. Hatters

If you are looking for a premium experience and want a hat that depicts the rich British heritage, you should check this label. Crafted with the finest materials and having an incredible range of fedora, pork pie, and trilbies, Lock and Co. Hatters have got you covered. 

Their products are expensive but undoubtedly worth your money, as they make you wear some of the best traditionally styled hats in the market. The brand deals in contemporary designs as well.

The company is delivering satisfaction since the 1600s, and many famous people such as Charlie Chaplin and Sir Winston Churchill graced the label.

8. Borsalino


One of the iconic brands and known worldwide for its most elegant classic fedoras, Borsalino, needs no introduction. This Italian label has been in the industry since 1875 and excels in making high-quality products with premium soft materials.

They have a wide variety in their collection, ranging from premium Panamas to luxury flat caps. The main highlight of their hats is the use of neutral colors, which make them wearable for different occasions. 

Crafted with premium felt materials and timeless designs that last for years, these hats will provide an expensive look.

9. Stetson

If you are in America, then you probably have seen a Stetson cowboy hat. Everyone loves cowboy hats, and this brand ensures that it delivers only the finest and best to its customers. You can expect the use of high-quality materials coupled with excellent craftsmanship.

The company has grown in popularity since it started and ensures full customer satisfaction through its products. If you are an avid cowboy hat collector, you will love to collect the limited edition hats that the brand releases for special occasions.

10. Larose


If classic designs are your pick, then considering a Larose hat is an ideal option. The Persian label is known for incorporating the elegance and simplicity of French dressing in its products to match the modern-day.

The company employs some of the best French artisans to craft ageless hats that last beyond trends. Operating since 1946 and delivering satisfaction to all its customers, Larose’s headwear defines contemporary elegance with timeless hat shapes and neat finishes crafted using the best fabrics and materials.

With designs that will last you beyond trends and seasons, Larose is a brand that you should consider.