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All about – Thick yarn hat for women

Thick yarn hat for women

thick yarn hat for women

A few years ago, a volumetric hat, made from thick yarn, became popular. But this season, this stylish accessory does not give up its position, continuing to please owners with its attractive and fashionable appearance.


Hats made out of thick yarn, called merino wool, are very popular today. The main feature of such a cap, of course, is noticeable to the naked eye. The fibers, from which it is made, are very thick, and the product itself is dense and bulky.

  • white thick yarn hatWool maintains a regular body temperature, preventing overheating. It absorbs moisture during sweating and allows the scalp to breathe.
  • The hat made out of thick yarn is very elastic, even if it is stretched as much as it is possible, it will quickly take bac the same shape. Therefore, most often merino hats are presented in one, universal size, which is suitable for any size of the head.
  • Unlike ordinary wool, merino does not irritate the skin, so it is ideal for allergy sufferers. The product is soft and pleasant to the touch, you do not want to part with such an accessory.
  • Natural wool is very durable, a warm product will serve you more than one season, and will please the pristine appearance.


Out of very thick yarn

The hat made out of thick yarn looks very stylish. The texture of the thick-knit garment is a little rough, so this hat underscores the fragility and subtlety of any girl.

The hat made out of thick threads is very warm, you will feel warm in it even in the most severe frost. It will definitely become your favorite winter accessory, because you can combine it with almost any outer clothing.

With lapel

hat with lapelA stylish hat with a lapel fits almost everything. There are many models of such hats, and the pattern on it can be varied. The most popular items related to “rubber band”.






hat acornThe hat-acorn looks interesting, which, an experienced knitter, can make in few hours.






knitted hat for womanYou can combine a hat with a lapel with clothes of almost any style, it fits even into the image of the sport-chic style.







Three-dimensional hats get together with different patterns. Popular models associated with the English rubber band.

thick yarn volumetric hat

With great demand, laconically knitted cloak, are enjoyed with which even a beginner can handle. On young girls it will be a wonderful look with a beautiful hat with a cross braid, which gives the product an even larger volume.

knitted cloak hat

Sewing styles

Stocking / Beanie

The hat-stocking is a very original headdress, which can be found in the wardrobe of many modern girls. Initially, this style was worn only by men, but gradually it moved to a women’s wardrobe too.beanie hat

The volume hat-stocking is long enough, therefore it can be worn in two ways: with and without lapel. Such a hat is considered to be very functional.


Bulky berets are highly relevant today. Most often, there are large, knitted products in a deliberate-negligent style. They can have interesting decor or volume pompom, which looks funny and slightly playful. With such a beret you will be warm and cozy even in the coldest frosts.

beret thick knitted hat

Also popular are three-dimensional openwork models, crocheted. They are more suitable for the autumn-spring period, when the headdress plays the role of a stylish accessory. Stylists advise to wear a voluminous beret, like any other – by moving it slightly to one side and releasing from under it a bang.

beret hat

Cone hat

Cone-cap is very similar to the cap-stocking, but freely falling densely at the cap is usually much larger, so it looks even more original. Popular models with different patterns, braids and Scandinavian motifs are popular. Especially they are in great demand on the eve of New Year’s holidays.

cone knitted hat

Varieties of yarn

Unmanufactured and non-spun wool

This material is very popular, because knitted products from it look particularly chic and stylish. In fact, this is not yarn, but a combed ribbon – raw materials for future yarn. Its width can reach 5 cm, so it produces very thick products.Unmanufactured and non-spun wool

Yarn of handmade wool

This is handmade yarn, which is obtained from a combed ribbon. It is not as thick, on average 1-2 cm in diameter. Yarn is very light and airy, and products made from it are also practically weightless, pleasant to the touch. The same as handmade wool, it is not recommended to wash yarn. Products from this material will need to be given to be dry cleaned.

Yarn of handmade wool

Processed yarn

Factory yarn a perfect material, which is perfect for knitting various products. During the manual production wool is twisted and extended through moist-thermal treatment. This yarn is most often used for knitting accessories, since its thickness is relatively small – from 5 mm to 2 cm. Of course, it also requires proper care, the hat can only hand washed.

Processed yarn

Factory yarn

The yarn of factory production keeps the shape well and does not untwist when a small piece is cut off. True, it is more fluffy than handmade yarn, therefore it is more prone to the appearance of pellets. To date, there are many manufacturers of thick yarn, although originally it was the American brand Loopy Mango.

factory yarn

Color solutions

Various colors of hats, made from thick yarn, are popular. Huge popularity is of rich wine tones. It can be purple, burgundy, blackberry, berry colors.

thick yarn colored hat

Often girls prefer a neutral color scheme: beige, milky, vanilla, powder. It is believed that this color scheme looks best on dark-haired girls, although all are individual.

beige kntitted yarn hat

Many prefer a blue-green color scheme.

green knitted hat

Romantic girls like peach, pink and gentle blue.

peach knitted hat

Of course, hats in colors of black, white and gray colors are the most universal. They are combined with any outer clothing, but sometimes they look rather boring. If you want to look interesting and catchy, it is better to give preference to a bright color scheme.

black kntted yarn wool hat

How to choose?

Unfortunately, the volume hat, of thick yarn, does not fit all the girls. For a plus-sized person, such hats are not suitable, therefore, if you are a round-faced girl, better choose another model.

But on the owners of the oval face shape, this hat looks wonderful, makes it even more refined and attractive.

cute knitted hat

With what to wear?

Choosing the outer clothing for the thick-knitted hat, it is better to choose the most restrained laconic styles.

Give preference to a jacket-park or a down coat, a coat of the fitted style will look good.

Since such a hat is primarily a stylish accessory, it can be worn with almost any clothing. It blends perfectly with torn jeans, a sweater and a stretched bright sweatshirt. It can also be a dress-sweater, vest or even a classic coat.

In short, oversized hats will look great with any top clothing in the winter, and in the off season.


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