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How to Wear a Flat Cap

Known by many names such as bunnet, scally cap paddy cap, grandpa’s cap, cheese-cutter, and driving cap, the flat cap is one among the fashionable hats for style and structure. 

The stiff brim and triangular side profile make the hat very unique. It is similar to the fedora and baseball cap. Public figures, royals, and aristocrats mostly wear the caps in the earlier century. With time and after celebrities like Brad Pitt, David Beckham and George Clooney wore the flat cap; it gained its popularity back.

Both formal and casual clothing can fit with a flat cap. Both men and women can wear it, and the cap suits all face shapes. Any age and occupation can use it. But with its uniqueness and popularity, the flat cap can be difficult to wear and adjust. Also, wearing a flat cap backward can make you look awkward. Flat cap can make an outfit either look extra classy or extremely worse. To avoid looking like you’re a person who doesn’t know how to pair outfits, here are few guidelines on how to wear a flat cap.

flat cap

The brim and the hatband create the structure of the cap. The first thing to remember before purchasing a flat cap is to measure the size of your forehead. If you are buying the cap online, then it is essential to check the measurements before purchasing the product. If the cap is from a store, try to fit the cap in your head. The right fit will give the right product.

Wearing a tight or small hat may give you a headache, and if it is very loose, then it might be blown away or cover your face. It also makes you look shabby and uncomfortable. So make sure to buy one that is appropriately shaped and fits your head perfectly.


Mostly the fabric of the flat cap is made of wool. It helps in keeping your head warm and stylish. Wear a flat cap of neutral color with any outfit in winter. Tweed, linen, synthetic blends, and cotton fabrics can make different types of a flat cap. The kind of material used in a flat cap will help your head stay warm or cold. For summer caps with breathable linen or lightweight cotton is used.


Choosing the right season to wear a flat cap is not a problem anymore. Though Flat caps are worn mostly in winter or fall seasons, but nowadays it can be worn in summer too but is not preferred by many. While wool is excellent for winter, linen and cotton are great for summer. You can wear it in all seasons, depending on the fabric of the cap. But the best season to wear a flat cap is spring and fall. The weather during these seasons is not very cold.


The color of your flat cap should match your outfit. Most people make mistakes while matching their style with color. The right color combination plays a significant role in any clothing. Solid colored flat caps are standard as they give a neat look. It matches almost all kinds of clothing. Wearing bright colored flat caps are common among golf players and women. Women tend to lean more towards bright-colored flat caps to match their outfits. You can see actresses like Emma Watson, Hillary Duff, and Uma Thurman complementing their look with a flat cap. Caps that have patterns should match with the outfit you wear. 

The basic rule is to wear dark colors in winter and bright colors in summer. The most common colors among the flat caps are black, grey, brown, and navy. It is important to understand which flat cap matches your clothing, skin, and other accessories.

Pairing with outfits

The flat caps are an accessory that complements your wardrobe. Pairing the right outfit with a flat cap can sometimes be very difficult. How to wear a flat cap and pair it is different for men and women. 


flat cap for men

For men’s daily look, try to match outfits that do not match the color of your cap. It is because wearing similar colors can be easy to match, but it reduces the entire look of the outfit. To look like an absolute gentleman, wear a suit or trousers with a button-down shirt and blazer. Try to match the same or similar color as your hat. Adding a tie and pocket square satin scarf with a pattern flat cap highlights the entire outfit. It cannot be worn daily but will look great on essential and formal occasions. Wear your flat cap with a plain or graphic t-shirt and jeans which will create a casual outfit. Wearing a flat cap with a suspender, which is the first idea or look that comes to our mind, should be avoided. The entire look is more like a costume and gives a timeworn fashioned look. 


flat cap for women

Since women have a more creative lean towards discovering new styles, there are many ways a flat cap is worn. Adding bright color flat caps gives a breath of fresh air to a women’s accessory in seasons like fall and winter. You can mix chunky sweaters, a scarf or coat with your flat cap. It creates a bold look. The most common white shirt, black pants or skirt, and a black jacket with a cap can go on for ages, and it never gets boring or outdated. Matching the shoe and bag with a flat cap is also another fashion icon statement look that most women follow. This look would make the whole outfit shine, mainly if you chose bright colors. If you are going for an off duty outfit, then pair your casual clothing with a printed or pattern design flat cap.

For a timeless style, the statement wears a flat cap with classic or modern clothing. After reading the guidelines, you will be able to explore many other dressing styles using a flat cap with different colors.