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We really need a person for permanent work, full-time, remotely for our blogs network.

Rather, write to us if:

  • You have a talent to write about cool things, unusual things, trends.
  • You know how to tell simply about the difficult and highlight the main thing.
  • Love the details and meticulously check the facts.

DO NOT write to us if:

  • You are ill with grammar and English.
  • You want to write for us, but combine it with the basic work.
  • Do not understand modern technology at all.
  • You are not ready to go into an unfamiliar topic and constantly learn new things.

I’m ready, what to do?

Write an article with a volume of at least 300 and not more than 500 words (2000 – 3500 characters). After reading it, any reader should endure for himself some benefit. The material should be unique, and not a translation.

Attach the article, your portfolio and a short story about yourself or send it to hatsandcaps@gmail.com with the theme “Author for the Blog”. In the letter, specify a link to your profile in “facebook”.

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